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Fulham Denounce European Super League

Updated: May 7

As the Whites arrived at the Emirates on the 18th April, the news of the European Super League broke. The plan, which lasted just three days, met heavy resistance from the football community, including from the Cottagers themselves. So, what was the proposal and why did Fulham oppose it?

The European Super League was a new mid-week competition proposed by twelve of the continent’s ‘elite’ clubs, including England’s ‘big six’. Devised by their owners and board members in secret over a period of years, the plan, which was bankrolled to the tune of $4.8 billion by JP Morgan, would truly have separated the rich from the poor.

The European Super League could have destroyed football as we know it.

Photo credits: City A.M.


  • The 12 ‘founding members’ (with 3 more expected to join) would have permanent inclusion.

  • 5 more ‘temporary members’ could qualify annually.

  • Two groups of 10 teams before a knockout stage.

  • Those involved would garner an extra £250 million per season, destroying any financial competition.

The proposal received widespread criticism, inspiring mass protests outside the club’s grounds. Those who vehemently opposed the plans include Boris Johnson, who threatened to drop a ‘legislative bomb’ to stop its progression. Gary Neville also lambasted the plan multiple times on live television, epitomising the feelings of 'disgust' from the masses.

Fulham, a club whose own fairy tale European journey is still relatively fresh in fan's minds, joined in with these protests. Both the club and its owner denouncing the Super League. Shahid Khan, the Pakistani-American billionaire who owns the south-west London club, released a statement asserting his position on the proposal.

Photo Credits: Fulham FC and Twitter

This was soon followed by the club’s own statement, curated after a meeting with the other 13 uninvolved Premier League clubs which brought England’s top division inline with other governing bodies, such as UEFA and the FA, on their stance of commendation and the sanctions threatened.

Photo Credits: SoccerBible and Fulham FC

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