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Everything We Know About the Riverside Stand

Until now, the club has been cryptic about Craven Cottage’s latest update, the redevelopment of the Riverside Stand, leaving fans to decipher the riddles on Fulham Pier’s website and artist’s renditions. The Whites recently offered supporters the opportunity to sign up to be amongst the first for new information on the project. But what do we already know?

Fulham have stated that the redevelopment will add an additional 3,900 seats to the picturesque south-west London ground, taking its capacity to a total 29,600. However, the club has also stated that the £80 million project will turn Craven Cottage into a “world class leisure destination”, with the Riverside providing a place for all to enjoy on non-matchdays as a slew of businesses are set to move into the space.

The Riverside Stand will offer more than just seats.

Photo Credit: Architects Journal

So, what will the new stand bring? Here is a summary:

Craven Cottage's iconic Victorian brick façade, designed by Archibald Leitch, is grade-II listed.

Photo Credit: More Than 90 Minutes

Perhaps most importantly for the fans of London’s Originals, is that such a significant investment by the Khans all but guarantees the Whites ongoing residency at the unique and beautiful Cottage, central to the club’s identity, that Fulham Football Club calls home – something that supporters crave after years of uncertainty under Al-Fayed.

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